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PXC 44: Cortney Casey vs Tomo Maesawa video

Cortney Casey to Make PXC Debut in June

BY MARQ MAY 29, 2014 Casey XFC vet Cortney Casey looking to rebound from her first pro loss by taking on Japan’s Tomo Maesawa at Pacific Xtreme Combat June 27 in Guam.…

In The Blue Corner: The Conerman’s Story Press Release

FOR    IMMEDIATE    RELEASE Contact:    Jerome    Gage Fight    Log    Media A    Lesser    Told    Story    of    Mixed    Martial    Arts In    the    Blue    Corner:    by    Jerome    Gage Follow    a    man’s    unlikely    story  …

Anthony Birchak: “This Is My Crown, This Is My Belt And I Will Keep It”

ED KAPP, MFC Staff Anthony Birchak is bringing his Maximum Fighting Championship bantamweight title belt to Canada in May. But is there any chance he’ll be returning to Arizona without…

Anthony Birchak could be in the main event MFC — if fans vote him there.

MFC BRINGS BACK ‘PUNCH THE VOTE’ FAN BALLOT TO DETERMINE MFC 40 MAIN EVENT | Wilson Fox/ Three title fights will take place at MFC 40, and Maximum Fighting Championship fans…

#PunchTheVote Returns For Three Title Fights At MFC 40

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fan voting will determine Crowned Kings main event For the second time in the history of the Maximum Fighting Championship, fans will get to pick the true…

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